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How Certain Sizes Can Make or Break Your Portrait

Size Matters

When you hire a professional photographer, one of the many benefits is that you’ll receive guidance when it comes time to order your portraits. Though online photo ordering has gotten easier and easier over the years, it’s always better to have a very clear vision of what your final product will look like (and to have your beautiful images professionally printed on archival paper).

Take a look at the following example:

As your eye moves from left to right, you’ll notice that more and more of the image becomes cropped. Not much of an issue if you want a close-up, but it may leave you a bit disappointed if you weren’t expecting the top of your head to be completely cropped out of the photo.


In the second example, you can tell as you move from the top left to the bottom right that the wall space to the left of the subject gets smaller with each new crop. While a 4:5 orientation (bottom center) works for this particular image, it may not work if you want a gallery-wrapped canvas – where an inch and a half of the photo edges are wrapped around a wooden frame.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing portrait sizes, and it can quickly become overwhelming – but that’s where your friendly photographer comes in! Being able to sit down, peruse different product options, and discuss why different sizes work for different portraits is part and parcel of working with someone who loves wall art as much as you do.


So, there you have it, folks – size does matter!   😉

These templates were created by Photogra-guru Stella Reynoso, LLC and customized by yours truly

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